Cranberry-Orange Liqueur

Make your own gifts. It’s way more fun. Fact. Even though the holidays have passed, you can plan ahead for next year. Or even Valentine’s Day!

After the success of the ridiculously delicious Kahlua I made, I decided to branch out again and make a cranberry-orange liqueur.

Zest some oranges while you heat up some fresh cranberries with sugar. Mix with vodka. Wicked easy.

This packs a lot of punch, in both the alcohol factor and the sweet factor. I actually like it more as a mixer with some tonic water than just by itself. I didn’t make any changes to the recipe, so I won’t print it here–but there are definitely some changes I will make for the next round.

1. I will add some water to the cranberries as they cook to create more of a syrup. I think that will tone down the punching.

2. Use good vodka. It makes a difference.

3. Let it sit even longer!

See the recipe here!